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Doge Skulls is a collection of 4,444 NFTs. Each holder may receive exclusive access to experiences, rewards and more.

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Doge Skulls Roadmap

This is our roadmap so far, but this is just the beginning, we want to build our project around our community (governance in DAO), so if you have any more ideas, we're all ears.

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First Collection

4,444 NFTs Doge Skulls will be ready to minted, stay tuned for the free mint & white list notification!

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Other Collections

Launch of other NFT collections, where Doge Skulls holders can receive many benefits!

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Limited release of DogeSkulls collection apparel for holders of the DogeSkulls collection and new NFT collections!

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Animal Charity

Up to 20% of profits will be donated to charities that protect and care for abandoned or needy animals!

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Metaverse development, which can be within Arcade Land, NFT Worlds, The Otherside or others!

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DogeCash Coin

The purpose of the coin will be to benefit holders and enable transactions in the DogeCash ecosystem!

Meet Our Team

Some teams call themselves a family, but we actually are one! We all have a passion for art and want to create a thriving community!

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Co-Founder & Project Lead

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Community Lead

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Designer Lead

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Marketing Lead

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Collab Lead

F.A.Q Questions

Doge Skulls is an NFT collection of 4,444 digital artworks, generated exclusively with traits drawn by diverse artists! Owning an NFT Doge Skulls allows you to receive benefits, rewards and be a part of the Doge Skulls community. Each holder receives rights of ownership and commercial use of its NFT.
Once upon a time there was a simple abandoned dog that was adopted by a scientist, where this scientist adopted the dog to do some experiments in his laboratory. After some unsuccessful experiments, the laboratory explodes and collapses with the scientist's death, where the dog is saved, but ended up having his body transformed and intoxicated. The transformed dog, now known as the DogeSkulls, realizes he has gained super powers, being able to transform people like him, as well as using his powers to help many people in need. And so begins the DogeSkulls journey, seeking a better world through a strong, happy and responsible community.
Mint price: 0.005 eth (+ gas tax).

- Phase 1: Sep 17 (12h UTC): Free Mint (closed)
- Phase 2: Sep 17 (14h UTC): White List Mint (closed)
- Phase 3: Sep 17 (16h UTC): Public Mint (until Sep 19th)
It will be done randomly using the PREMINT.XYZ tool.
After mint date, should be buy on "".
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